Month: August 2014

Fit Bikes Video Premiere

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F.I.T Video Premier

Join us for as we open the doors for the 1st time as The Fort Wayne Indoor on September 10, 2014. Fit Bikes Company’s brand new video will be shown at the park 6 days before it is released to the public!  The video title is “Holy Fit” and  BMX Filmer extraordinaire Stewart Johnson will be in town and at the park for the occasion to answer questions and hang out with everyone.

The newly renovated lobby will be open  at 5pm for the 1st session of the fall season.  The park will be open 3 days a week (Thurs, Fri, Sat) till after October 18th which is the official grand opening, when the park will be open a full 6 days a week!

View the new park hours here.

Summit City Bicycles & Fitness will be supplying the  pizza after the riding session and before the video premier to keep your stomachs from growling after a good hard riding session!  The park will be open to both Skate and BMX, so come on out and check out The Fort Wayne Indoor!


July Fundraiser Over $10,000 Raised!

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Lawton Park Metal Fest!

Lawton Park Metal Fest!

Thanks to all of you who supported our GoFundMe campaign!  We managed to raise over $10,000 in just 3 short weeks.  We are currently working with our lawyer, accountant, landlord, insurance company, etc. in order to get everything in order for this winter!

We plan to make some changes in the form of a new lobby / entrance, concessions, lockers, and also will be adding some features to the park.  We are planning to organize Contests, All Night Skates, Bands, and plenty of special events to keep you warm all winter long!

At this point in time we plan to open the park for a few days a week in mid September 2014, with the park opening 7 Days a week starting October 15, 2014 to officially begin our 2015 season.

The pricing and hours WILL change from what you see now, please bear with us through this transitional phase and we will see you all very soon!

Rich Hoppe / Dan Butler & The Fort Wayne Indoor Team

Backyard Ramp Fundraiser

Backyard Ramp Fundraiser

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