Park Opens Today – $5 Sessions announced

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6.5" Tall 20' Wide!

6.5″ Tall 20′ Wide!

It has been one wild ride over the last few months.  We have accomplished to raise over $10,000, establish a brand new non for profit, pay the light bills, landlord, lawyer, and all the other stuff that goes on when you open a place like this.

We will be open from this point forward the following hours.

Thurs 6-9pm $5 – Open Session (BMX & SKATE)                                         Friday 6-9pm $5 – SKATE ONLY                                                                               Saturday 1-5pm $5 – BMX ONLY                                                                             Saturday 6-10pm $5 – SKATE ONLY

The street section of the new park will be under construction and you will be seeing improvements each and everytime you visit the park.    Here are some pictures of the progress over the last 2 weeks of construction.  Come on down to the park tonight (Sept 10th) for our soft grand opening and Fit Bike’s Video Premiere!F.I.T Video Premier

Lobby Pic

lobbyImage 1