The Fort Wayne Riverfront Update – The Story As We See It

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Above is a view of a completely packed house last night at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne.  We have been to a few other meetings regarding the new riverfront development program and this was by far the most people we have seen in attendance.

After a bunch of long-winded folks talked we finally got to see some of what the plans will be no only for the skatepark, but the entire downtown will be transformed if this very expensive study actually becomes a reality.  There are plans for revamping the entire downtown into a place where people can gather and they also plan to open up more space for shops and residential living space.

Phase 1 of the plan, which will take at least 5 years to complete will center around the Wells Street bridge area.  This comes with a Phase 1.a, 1.b, & a 1.c type of plan, which who knows who long that will take to complete.

Once they get to phase 2 (anywhere from 5-10 years from now) this is where the Lawton Skatepark comes into play).  The plans thus far are not detailed and only show a type of space that will be used for a “BMX Bowl” and an upgraded “Skatepark”.  We hope to get involved in the actual design of the park once the time is actually here.

We will all be 10 Years older I belive when, and if this actually happens.  Until then we will have to make do with what we have which in the summer time.  Skateboards the Lawton Skatepark is safe for a good 5 years., for BMX outside of racing at Franke Park, there is still absolutely nothing you can ride legally in the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This a detailed drawing of what will become of Lawton Park. The Skatepark is the SS’s type thing directly in the middle of the screen.  That is Tennessee Blvd. extended directly through the middle of Lawton Park.  (Note: Rise Skate Shop is Deleted)

20150204_183744Here is a close up shot of the skatepark area.  Zip lines directly below and the brand Science Central Complex above.

Tell us what you think, also tell them what you think at River Front FW  for more info.

You want BMX to have a public voice in Fort Wayne? Send Al Moll from the parks department an email telling him to build something for BMX!