Month: March 2015

24 Hour Skatepark?

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Code Holder 1.0

 On April 15th 2015 you will see a new TAB on appear on this very website labeled “24 Hour Code Holder” We are  giving you exclusive rights to use the park as your very own private facility 24 Hours a day / 365 Days per Year!

We are proud to announce that The Indoor Park here in Fort Wayne,  Indiana will now offer unparalleled 24 hour access.  This allows for the “Power User” to ride the park whenever he or she seems fit to ride the indoor park!

Free Fort Wayne Indoor Cell Phone Wallpaper!

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Thanks to our Volunteer Conner Terry for making this one of a kind wallpaper for your cell phone!

Click the image below, then screenshot it, then make it your new backgound!


Wall Paper

Building Fun at the Indoor -Mini Ramp Fundraiser!

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Out with the old and in with the new!  Earlier this winter we removed a bunch of ramps in the big room to make room for something.  The one thing after talking with the patrons of the indoor they wanted was something a touch smaller that you can learn some tricks on fairly easily.  After some design sketches and measuring we decided that we needed a 4′ tall Mini-ramp with a coping to coping spine!

We are looking for HELP in finishing off this gem.  We have raised over $500 thus far online to get what you see here in these photos.  We need about $800-$1000 more to complete this new feature and we hope to get there with some help from all of you!

If you can lend a hand, CLICK HERE to donate now!  Thank you in advance and please keep your eyes peeled for updates!


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