24 Hour Skatepark?

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Code Holder 1.0

 On April 15th 2015 you will see a new TAB on appear on this very website labeled “24 Hour Code Holder” We are  giving you exclusive rights to use the park as your very own private facility 24 Hours a day / 365 Days per Year!

We are proud to announce that The Indoor Park here in Fort Wayne,  Indiana will now offer unparalleled 24 hour access.  This allows for the “Power User” to ride the park whenever he or she seems fit to ride the indoor park!

We at the Indoor are always looking for ways to stand apart from the “NORM” and this is one more example of how thinking outside of the box can benefit you as a rider!

Originally the idea came from a position as the owners of a skatepark, we have the availability to ride the place WHENEVER we want.  After a bit a research and a couple of phone calls to Dustin Grice, part owner of “The Factory 24 Hour Action Sports Facility ” we decided to make it a go!  Thanks once again to Dustin for being  a cool dude and also for all he does for the sports.

Code Holder Program Policy & Rules

By becoming a Code Holder at the Fort Wayne Indoor LTD you agree to the following:

Payment:   You are responsible for paying the entire subscription as described in the original purchase.  Payments will only be taken online via PayPal or Credit / Debit Card.  If you decide to cancel the payment for any reason, you may be banned from becoming a Code Holder in the future.

 Respect the Facility:   You are responsible for the facility while your occupy the building.  This includes throwing away your trash, keeping the facility tidy, as well as ensuring that the lights and heating systems are off, and the doors  locked after your done riding.

Bringing your friends & Looking out for Non Code Holders:   You are responsible for anyone you bring to the Fort Wayne Indoor.   A friend who is not a code holder will have to pay for a “Private Session” at a cost of $25 per non Key Holder before you ride via PAYPAL.   Waivers Must be Signed by All Who Ride the Indoor

The Park will have weekly session times that vary from Summer to Winter that anyone can ride for a smaller amount per session.

*Spectators feel free to watch at no charge

Thank You for you continued support, and we look forward to riding with you at the Fort Wayne Indoor BMX & Skatepark.

Rich Hoppe / Dan Butler

Send an email to: Thefortwayneindoor@gmail.com if you have any further questions or give us a ring at 260.238.0398