Building Fun at the Indoor -Mini Ramp Fundraiser!

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Out with the old and in with the new!  Earlier this winter we removed a bunch of ramps in the big room to make room for something.  The one thing after talking with the patrons of the indoor they wanted was something a touch smaller that you can learn some tricks on fairly easily.  After some design sketches and measuring we decided that we needed a 4′ tall Mini-ramp with a coping to coping spine!

We are looking for HELP in finishing off this gem.  We have raised over $500 thus far online to get what you see here in these photos.  We need about $800-$1000 more to complete this new feature and we hope to get there with some help from all of you!

If you can lend a hand, CLICK HERE to donate now!  Thank you in advance and please keep your eyes peeled for updates!