Month: April 2015

24 Hour Code Holder Program Now Live!

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24 Hour Open for Business - Day Of

The facility is  ready to go and we are now open to accept applicants for our brand spanking new 24 Hour Access Program.

The Code Holder Program is unique in the way we are allowing access to the park at any time you may want or need to ride your Skateboard, BMX or MX Bike, scooter or roller blades.

The program gives you the opportunity to have virtual keys to the park and allows you to ride 24 hours a day, anytime you want!  Participants will need to fill out a form, go through an interview  and must have a thorough understanding of the policy and rules.  You can sign up at anytime by clicking the 24 Hour Access Tab on the top menu.

Thank you for all your support, we look forward to seeing you in the middle of the night shredding the park!

The Brass Tacks – 2015 Season in Review

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We have made it through another rough Indiana winter here at the Fort Wayne Indoor.  From October 15th to April 15th the Indoor park flourished with travellers from all over the region.  We held multiple contests, jams, and all night skates over the season. All of which were a success.  We have made upgrades to the park along the way.  Upgrades like a new lobby, a sound system, a concession stand, new ramps and bigger features on the bottom side of the park.  We even maganged to build a “crowd funded” mini-ramp that we just finished up within the past 2 weeks.

The season pass members expire on 4.15.15, The season pass program will be deleted in order to make room for our new 24 Hour Code Holder Program, which we are very excited about!  This program will allow folks the opportunity to use the facility anytime day or night.  The future looks bright for the Fort Wayne Indoor as long as we can make it through this hot summer months when most of our patrons are outside during the warmer temps.  All in all the 2014/2015 Winter season was a success, and I think everyone learned something and have a ton of fun at the Indoor!

The 2015/2016 season comes with even more upgrades.  As of today you can now Sign Our Waiver Online.  This gives us a better grip on who comes to the park and how often they are coming.  We plan to upgrade to a computer system and add the internet in the coming year along with the other ideas you see bouncing around on Facebook etc.

Introducing 24 Hour Access!

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Cover Image 24 Hour

24 Hour Access is  just days away from reality at the Fort Wayne Indoor!  We are proud to introduce this new gym type membership at the park in hopes that more people can enjoy the facility.

You will be able to ride your machine day or night whenever you see fit.  No more need to schedule your day around session times.  Grab a hommie and come on up for as long as you want!

Take notice of the new tab up top “24 Hour Access” and click it to see all the detailed information about this new radical 24 Hour Pass!

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