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Fall Open House this Saturday!

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The Fort Wayne Indoor Skatepark

Join us as we re-open for the 2016 season this Saturday from 12-6pm!  Witness the brand new room that will be open for riding.  Also we plan to cook out and have some random give aways.

6pm will be a showing of the film “Damage Control” by the Fort Wayne Indoor’s very own Brian Leonard.  Brian has spent the past 40 days rebuilding the top room for everyone to enjoy.  Check out some of his work and a preview section of the film at Cannon-Fodder.


Rise Skate Contest


Fall Fundraiser & 2016 Season Information

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At The Fort Wayne Indoor, we proud to announce that the 2016 season officially starts on Saturday October 17th!  We are getting this year’s fun ready  by renovating the “Top Room” that will make the park more enjoyable for the smaller ones, and those who favor a bit more street with a ton of great flow inside the room at the park.  This new design is no doubt a one-of-a-kind, and a layout that will be ready for everyone to enjoy at the season opener.

We are honored to have the love and support that continues to come out of this fine  community.

October Notables:
Open House - Ocotober 17th  12-6pm  
Open Session Afterwards 6-10pm
Rise Skateboard Shop 2nd Annual Halloween Skate Contest November 1, 2015.



Brian Leonard, owner of,  world-renowned skateboard filmer, and designer/builder of many skateparks in both the USA as well as a some parks in Europe is the man behind the scenes for this massive room rebuild. Brian has been working (entirely volunteer) non-stop since  September 8th to bring a not only a top-notch course, but a design that will accommodate many aspects of all the different “sports” that use the facility.  The design is very creative, eye-catching, and incorporates the use of many different building materials.  Steel, Wood, Concrete, & even Dirt is being used to create this new course which is expected to be open for public view / riding on October 17th, 2015 at our 2nd annual Fall Open House!  (More info Coming Soon)


A view of the room before the build started on September 8th 2015


A view of the skeleton from one week ago today.


Brian looks around at his work after the night of the concrete pour.

The evening of October 17th we plan to show Brian’s latest film “Damage Control” in its entirety.  Below is professional Skateboarder, Tim Zom’s part from the movie.

Fun Raising! We are opening up the donation doors and hope to raise $5,000 over the next 30 Days. Please  Check out our Donation Page to see how you may be able to lend a hand this year to help ensure that the indoor stays put for our community!

Our hours, waiver, and lessons page have been updated as well. Click here to see this year’s season pricing and hours.

Thank You for your continued support and we look forward to seeing everyone this year at the Indoor!

Dan, Rich, The Fort Wayne Indoor Board of Directors, &  all the Volunteers!


Park Opens Today – $5 Sessions announced

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6.5" Tall 20' Wide!

6.5″ Tall 20′ Wide!

It has been one wild ride over the last few months.  We have accomplished to raise over $10,000, establish a brand new non for profit, pay the light bills, landlord, lawyer, and all the other stuff that goes on when you open a place like this.

We will be open from this point forward the following hours.

Thurs 6-9pm $5 – Open Session (BMX & SKATE)                                         Friday 6-9pm $5 – SKATE ONLY                                                                               Saturday 1-5pm $5 – BMX ONLY                                                                             Saturday 6-10pm $5 – SKATE ONLY

The street section of the new park will be under construction and you will be seeing improvements each and everytime you visit the park.    Here are some pictures of the progress over the last 2 weeks of construction.  Come on down to the park tonight (Sept 10th) for our soft grand opening and Fit Bike’s Video Premiere!F.I.T Video Premier

Lobby Pic

lobbyImage 1

Fit Bikes Video Premiere

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F.I.T Video Premier

Join us for as we open the doors for the 1st time as The Fort Wayne Indoor on September 10, 2014. Fit Bikes Company’s brand new video will be shown at the park 6 days before it is released to the public!  The video title is “Holy Fit” and  BMX Filmer extraordinaire Stewart Johnson will be in town and at the park for the occasion to answer questions and hang out with everyone.

The newly renovated lobby will be open  at 5pm for the 1st session of the fall season.  The park will be open 3 days a week (Thurs, Fri, Sat) till after October 18th which is the official grand opening, when the park will be open a full 6 days a week!

View the new park hours here.

Summit City Bicycles & Fitness will be supplying the  pizza after the riding session and before the video premier to keep your stomachs from growling after a good hard riding session!  The park will be open to both Skate and BMX, so come on out and check out The Fort Wayne Indoor!


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