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The X-Games Experience Contest is officially underway starting today. We are stoked to send two of YOU to this years X Games and Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne is picking up the Flight & Hotel in order for you to view the games in real life! How awesome of a community do we live in where this type of support is available to our youth! Lets keep the momentum going as we continue on through 2018 with Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne sponsoring your Fort Wayne Indoor though-out the entire year!

Click this link for all the criteria for the X-Games Experience!

THANK YOU @fortwaynesoup for hooking up The Fort Wayne Indoor with $2,402 to help us raise more funds at our Fall Fundraiser! This was an awesome event and we thank each and everyone of you who support our cause. We are on a mission and invite you to come along!

With the victory speach 🤘

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Who will be going to this year's X-Games from the Fort Wayne Indoor? Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne is sending two of you and footing the bill! Stay tuned for more information Fort Wayne Indoor Fam! ...

Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne along with the Fort Wayne Indoor proudly gives you a one of a kind X Games Experience like no other. Head over to www.thefortwayneindoor.com for more details! ...

We have been silently working in the background once again to bring you some absolutely amazing news. Your Fort Wayne Indoor has hooked up a 1 year-long partnership with Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne!

Our 1st order of business is send two of you to the X-Games this year to observe some of the greatest talent on this fine planet earth! Head over to our website for more information is there and we will be adding more info on the X-Games Experience and how you can win a trip to the 2018 X Games!

Give Harley Davidson of Fort Wayne a follow on all social media channels and tell them Thank You for Supporting your very own Indoor Skatepark!

www.thefortwayneindoor.com for more information!

Thanks to all of the fine scooter folk who made it out from the Contest this past Saturday! Men, Women & children from all 4 States around made the treck to the Fort 😁
@summitcitybikes now carrying @luckyscooters right here in Fort Wayne!
Thanks to @hgatyler
and everyone who helped out throwing this Contest🤘

#Scooters #RideTheIndoor #Contest #CreateMemories #KidsYo #SupportTheIndoor

Scooter Contest! ...

This Weekend Schedule:
Bikes Only 6-10pm
Scooter Comp 10am-6
Saturday Night:
Skate Only 6-10pm
Mixed Noon - 4pm

#RideTheIndoor #FortWayne #LuckyScooters #SummitCityBikes

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