X-Games Experience Winners Invade Minneapolis, MN!

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Powered By: Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne

The 2018 X-Games – Minneapolis, MN

This year with the massive effort on the behalf of Harley-Davidson Fort Wayne, we sent two incredibly lucky kids to the X-Games!  The winners from this past springs video contest termed “The X-Games Experience” got the attention of a few local skateboarding and BMX’ers who then battled it out on YouTube to see who would prevail in the 1st ever X-Games Experience powered by HDFW!

Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne

(L-R) Rich Hoppe, Aiden Amburgey, Link Morehead, Dan Butler

The trip included round trip flights for both the winners and one parent, Link chose his mother Maureen while Aiden’s father made the trek to the Fort Wayne Airport for an early flight out directly to Minneapolis, MN to observe the 2018 X-Games VIP Style!  HDFW picked up the flights for the winners and stepped Dan and I’s game up by hooking us up with VIP passes,  and a place to crash at the same hotel. HDFW RULES!

We all ended up on national television a few times over the weekend!

Dan and I were as stoked as the kids were, it was our 1st time to X-Games also.   We started out by meeting up at our designated hotel to ensure that everyone knew where home base was located and try to familiarize ourselves with beautiful downtown Minneapolis, MN.  The city was very clean & we all noticed the attention they focused on pedestrian safety while traversing the downtown area.  If you had never been to Minneapolis, we recommend the drive or flight, it is a very cool city with amazing architecture, nightlife, music, and world-class sporting venues.

Thursday Night Vert Set-Up

Our 1st event was the Vert Ramp, a 14′ tall structure that held the Skateboard & BMX Contests that evening while we got to view in the VIP section.  The action was at night and we made sure to catch-all of it, making our way back to the hotel to try to catch up on some much-needed zzzz’s for the full schedule ahead.

Link & Aiden with World Famous BMX Innovator Mat Hoffman!

The rest of the weekend was full of madness and action sports chaos and at very intense degree of radness!  I cannot even begin to tell everyone how many of all of our combined favorite athletes.  The sheer amount of interaction we had with the VIP passes allowed us to access special areas that were prohibited to most in attendance.  We also had access to a VIP event room with free food and beverages that rotated the food every 4 hours to keep things fresh while we rested until the next event went down.

The Entire FWI Crew with Special Guest BMX’er Joe Daugirda in our VIP booth!

The overflow of witnessing live with all of the absolute best riders on planet earth was honestly a bit overwhelming, so on Saturday night after an overfull day of chaos at X, we decided to head out for a late night-cap at the Ice Cube concert where we were once again treated with Super VIP Status and both Link and Aiden got to witness their 1st ever concert in full VIP!

Link & Aiden at Ice Cube!

Link & Neil Hendrix!

I seem to say this often, but words truly cannot explain how astonishing the overall experience was for these two amazing kids.  They have shown that they are capable outshining the rest of the heard by taking the correct steps necessary in order to win each category way back in March when we announced the X-Games Experience.  Experiences like this need to happen more often in not only our community, but communities all over this great nation.

Take a look at both Link and Aidens winning videos, they are what put them in the saddle for this years X-Games!

Thank You to outstanding community partners like Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne for providing a life long-lasting memory & an experience like no other, HDFW absolutely ROCKS! 


Check out some more of the photos below – See all of you in October for the 5 Year Kick-off of the Indoor Season!

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