Harley Davidson of Fort Wayne presents The X Games Experience Contest!

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X-Games 2018 Location & Dates: Minneapolis, MN | July 19-22, 2018
Contest Timeline:
3.1.18 – The Fort Wayne Indoor (FWI) & Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne (HDFW) Partnership Announced
3.12.18 – Criteria Video Released – Submissions Open 
5.12.18 – Submissions Closed
5.25.18 – Online Voting Closed
5.26.18 – Winners Announced at HDFW with Awards Ceremony, Celebrations, Party, Stunts, Bikes, Etc..

Video Criteria 
  1. March 12 – May 12 Contest Submission Duration Period
  2. Video must be filmed inside the FWI and submitted in .MOV or .MP4
  3. Submit Video via WeTransfer to @Thefortwayneindoor@gmail.com with Title “Harley Davidson X-Games Experience”
  4. 30 Seconds of video focused on your head, stating the following.  Name, Age, Hometown, and finally tell the supporters of the FWI and HDFW why you should go to this years X-Games.
  5. 1 Minute of video of riding / skating inside the Fort Wayne Indoor
  6. Intro graphics and music will be added by Cannon-fodder.com 
  7. Video will be released to www.thefortwayneindoor.com/X-Games-Experience 
Voting Criteria
  1. YouTube and YouTubes metrics will host all criteria for victory for all videos submitted in the X-Games Experience
  2. Winner for each sport wins on most amount of: LIKES, COMMENTS, VIEWS.
  3. The Total collective amount wins The X-Games Experience
  4. Video Submission 3.12.18 – 5.12.18
  5. Winners Announced 5.26.18 at HDFW Awards & Celebration Party

Good Luck Everyone!  

Video Submissions to be added here

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